Ed's AV Handbook
Batting practice for the AV Professional
and primer for the novice

Table of Contents
The Book

Chapter 1 
AV Terminology

page 1   
Hi Fidelity Audio, Monophonic Audio
Stereo Audio, Multi-channel Surround Sound
ATSC 3.0 NextGenTV, 8K UltraHDTV

page 2 
Multi-channel Mini History -- Fantasia
Cinerama, The Robe in Cinemascope
Dolby, DVD, LaserDisc, Blu-ray,
Dolby Atmos, DTSX

page 3     
Surround Sound Formats
Analog Surround 

Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic
Digital Surround  
Dolby Digital 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 ProLogic II, ProLogic IIx
DTS 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, DTS EX 6.1 & 7.1
DTS Master Audio, Dolby HD
Lossy DTS HD, Dolby Digital Plus

Chapter 2  
AV Physics

page 1
The Wave, Surfs Up

page 2      
Acoustical Energy of Sound
Wavelength, Amplitude, Frequency
Subjective response, Loudness
page 3
Electromagnetic Energy 

Electromagnetic spectrum
Visible light
Wavelength, RGB, frequency
Amplitude, intensity, Luminance, Lumen
Subjective intensity
Scotopic, Photopic
Invisible radio
Frequency, Wavelength, Amplitude
Subjective response?

page 4
Did you hear that? ....  The Ear
See the waves .... The Eye

Chapter 3  
Sound Reproduction

page 1   
The Microphone and the Speaker
Dynamic Mic, Ribbon Mic, Condenser Mic, Piezoelectric Mic
Dynamic Speaker, Ribbon Speaker, Electrostatic Speaker, Piezoelectric Tweeter

page 2      
1982 Digital Audio Launch
The Compact Disc

page 3
The 21st Digital Century
File & Formats, Uncompressed Audio, Compressed Audio
Lossless, Lossy, Masking.

The 20th Analog Century
Vinyl LP Record, Magnetic Tape

page 4      
Broadcast Radio AM/FM
Audio Standards
Frequency Response, Harmonic Distortion, Signal to Noise Ratio

Chapter 4   
Video Reproduction

page 1  
The view from the mind's eye. 
Pixel array, Sequence of stills, Red-Green-Blue 
The TV camera, Charged-Coupled-Device     

page 2   
Analog NTSC Color Television .... still relevant
NTSC Color, The Eye & TV math
Component Video, Composite Video
RGBHV, NTSC Broadcast.

page 3    
Digital Television
RGBHV, digital broadcast,
MPEG2, MPEG4, HEVC H.265, VCC H.266.
Satellite TV Distribution
IPTV Streaming

page 4
Home Video History
The VCR, LaserDisc
Home Theater
DVD, Video Streaming, Blu-ray
NextGenTV,  5G

page 5     
The TV part 1
The Expired - The CRT, Rear Projection, Plasma
The Waning - LCD TV, Back Lighting, Quantum Dot Fix, Mini LED Back Lighting
Plus - Home Theater Projectors -- LCD, DLP, LCOS, & Laser Lit.

page 6     
The TV part 2
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Television
The Old Diode, Electroluminescence

page 7
Television Resolution
Analog NTSC
UltraHDTV, DCI 4K, 8K UltraHDTV
UltraHD Prerequisites - HDMI, HDCP, MPEG + HDR option.
Video Scaling

page 8
Brightness, Luminance, & Color
The Lumen, Peak Lumen,
ANSI Lumen, Foot Lambert, Nit
Grayscale, Contrast Ratio, Dynamic Contrast
Color temperature, CIE color, Color Space
Color gamut, Color Volume
x.v Color, Deep Color, WCG, DCI P3
Gamma, EOTF

page 9
The UltraHD/UHD-8K HDR-WGC-HDMI Pipeline
High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
HDR Formats:
HDR10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ, HGL
HDMI Versions 1.2 to 2.1a
The Gorilla in the Screen

page 10
Loose Ends
Movie screen aspect ratios
Widescreen 1.85:1,
Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 or 2.39:1
Digital Cinema Initiative
Digital Cinema Package
Digital TV Aspect Ratio - 1.78:1 or 16:9 
Goose-bump difference ....
Projector 'constant height processor'
and 'vertical screen masking'
Land of forgotten buzzwords:
3:2 pull down, LCD 120Hz & 240Hz
Judder, Back-light scanning
600Hz sub-field-drive, 250Hz focus-field-drive

Chapter 5  
The AV System Sequence

The Sequence - Conform or Perish
Source, Preamp, Amplifier, Speaker, and or TV/projector

page 2    
Alternate route  - The record loop
The Record Loop Tape Monitor
The 3rd head,  Silent & Confused
Record Loop Processing Options
Multi-room Multi-source.

page 3
Cable and Interconnects
Resistance, inductance, capacitance
Solutions and the important point

page 4     
Plugs and Jacks
HDMI Type-A,
5-way binding post, banana
single-ended RCA
USB Type-A
fiber optic options
Blue-tooth   APTx,  APTxHD, APTxAdaptive

Chapter 6   
The Room, Speaker, & TV

Digital is the buzz, But analog rules

page 2    
The Room,
Room dimensions
Room modes & harmonics,
Room modes & speaker placement

page 3
The Room Continued
House of mirrors, First reflections
Uninvited Noise

page 4
The Speaker
Speaker Facts
Speaker & Listener Placement
Front left/right & The Sweet Spot

page 5
The Speaker Continued
Home Theater Surround Sound
Center speaker placement, rear speaker placement
Subwoofer Placement, Calibration

page 6
The TV
Room Lighting, Room Color
How far should you sit from the screen?
Loose ends, QED.

Chapter 7   
An Acoustical Strategy For A Small Room

page 1
The acoustical small room is your room. 
Acoustical distortion, room modes, specular reflections, noise

page 2    
The Four Acoustical Regions of a Small Room
Region #1 long wavelengths - tactics
Region #2 dominated by room modes - tactics
Peaks/nulls, Speaker Placement
Tangential and Oblique Modes

page 3
Tactics for the 2nd Region
Dimensions and ratios, room mode analysis
Peak/null floor plan,
Mounkes speaker/listener placement
Stereo locations
Surround sound locations

page 4
Region #3 The Transition Zone
Tactics for the 3rd region.
Region #4 Short Wavelengths
Acoustical tactics for the 3rd & 4th regions
Noisy loose end, Conclusion.

Chapter Eight  
Home Theater by Design

page 1   
The Custom Design

page 2

page 3   
High Fidelity     

Chapter Nine  
AV Sales Training

page 1
I know my song well before I start singing
Five decade observation
Objective, compass heading
The landscape, 4Ps of marketing
Personal 4P plan

page 2
A Sale in Five Steps, The given,
Meet & greet, qualify, recommend, close, follow up

page 3
Assess the Results
ToDoList, scorecard, stat sheet

page 4     
The Sales Dashboard

page 5
Using the Dashboard

Chapter 10  
AV Business & Marketing

page 1    
Business is Straight Forward
Compass heading, 
Survey national economy, local economy, competition. 
Go or no-go.

page 2  
The 4Ps - place, product, price, promote

page 3
Implement, Assess, and Adjust 
The Cycle
Macro audit, P&L, budget
Budget vs actual, inventory mgt
The balance sheet
Business ratios
Business oil pressure gauge
The business power supply spec
The balance owner's equity

page 4
Assess & Adjust continued
The micro audit, ToDoList
Stat counts, stat charts
Chart prescriptions

page 5 
Using the Charts
Chart prescription example

page 6
Sales Forecast Calculation

page 7    
Location Analysis 9 steps to place

Ed's AV Handbook   

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