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Batting practice
for the audio video professional
and a primer for the novice

  Free Tool
Free Tool

This is free tool
for the audio/video dealer, sales manager,
on the street or floor sales trooper,
potential recruit, & interested enthusiast.

It's About
Brodcasting Antenna

How audio and video stuff works   
How to implement how it works
How to sell audio and video
How to manage the business 
How to save the world from poor fidelity

Old TV & Edison Phonograph

Blind Luck
It takes more than blind luck
to save the world from poor fidelity. 
It takes a dedication to the science and art of audio/video reproduction.
Therefore, the Handbook centers on introductory physics, technology, and empirical experience.  Business subjects are withheld until the last two chapters.

1940's Umpire

Step Up To The Plate
If you're a veteran audio/video pro approach this
website as your audio/video batting practice cage.
It works for baseball as rehearsals for music.
If you're a rookie, use this site as a primer to
catch up with colleagues and the competition.

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