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All Things Must Pass
All things must pass, and he did.  But George Harrison's music lives on. 
Jim Potts where are you?  I always enjoy your audible musings on Harrison's gift, craft, genius.
Select this Link to Stereophile's review of the Goldne Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of All Things Muss Pass.

As a gray-haired listener, this announcement caught my attention.  I bet you have customers and friends who can benefit from the digital processing and well-thought-out convenience of these wireless headphones.  Select this WHAT HI*FI link for the story.
Sam Runco Sighting
Home theater icon Sam Runco speaks at Azione Unlimited Nashville meeting.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.

Micro-LED TV
Micro-LEDs are nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Micro-LED TVs, ranging from 81 inches to a wall-sized 1000 inch TV, promise up to 5000 nits of brightness, blowing past the brightest OLED and exceeding LCD sets.  Given an LED can produce absolute black, Micro-LED will achieve new levels of contrast ratio.  Select the following Tom's Guide Links for more information.

Tom's Guide

NextGenTV Set-top Box
NextGen is coming.  This set-top box deliver over-the-air NextGen broadcast & Internet streaming. 
Get ready to install roof-top antennas.  Select this Fierce Video link for the story.
Akamai Technologies predicts NextGenTV over-the-air broadcast delivery of Internet audio & video content to homes and mobile devices. 
Akamai is one of the world's largest content delivery networks.  Check out this story @ tvtech.com.

Wienermobile Ride
This story brings back memories for this gray-haired hot dog eater.
Little Oscar's Wienermobile visit to our elementary school.
The rush to claim the Wiener-whistle included in the hot dog package.
Little Oscar's frequent appearances on L.A.'s noon-time Sheriff John show.
Select this Link for this c|net story.
Last year it was reported a Samsung quantum-dot OLED TV would arrive in spring 2021.  Well, COVID delayed progress.
WHAT HI*FI now reports that we should see the new Samsung TVs at CES 2022.  Select this Link for the story.

I know, who knew any were still lit?  
This story from HACKADAY.com explains why any were still up.

The security industry is pressuring AT&T to postpone the shutoff of the 3G cellphone network. 
They are asking for more time to convert their fire alarm and intrusion systems based on 3G.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.
Well before Cheech & Chong's 1st movie performance, cruising was a teenage weekly Friday night pilgrimage.
Audiophile Review.com has reviewed the Record Store Day release of Lowrider Love.
It includes classics such as War's 1975 Lowrider, plus 1960's Doo Wop, soul & rock.
Turn off the TV, jump in your car, roll the windows down, and insert your 8-track tape.
Then a take a slow main street ride.  Select this LINK for the story. 
Sound Proofing Screw
This simple spring-loaded screw adds 9db of sound reduction to a typical sheetrock wall. 
This corresponds to halving loudness.  Check out this story at Interesting Engineering.com.
The University of Bath has developed a graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol aerogel that reduces aircraft engine noise by up to 16 decibels.
Its future use may include soundproofing a home theater or home music room.  Select this LINK to Graphene-info.com for the story.

Turn off the news. Listen to some music.
Audiophile.com reviews Alex Chilton & Hi Rhythm Section live small club concert of rock and soul.
Select this LINK  for the story.

Will their in-ear headphones morph into hearing aids?
Is this a niche to exploit? 
Select this link to Twice magazine for the story.
Home Theater's Big Comeback
Nearly 2 years of chaos has vaulted home theater demand
above home networks and learn from home systems.
Select this CEPro Link to download their special report.
HDMI Get's Active Device Boost?
Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs outlines how HDMI devices
such as active cable may be getting some assistance.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.

The reemergence of the Bald Eagle is good news for Coyote Vest sales.
City-type folks are shocked by the 8-foot wing spanned Eagle's eating habits.
Select this Wall Street Journal Link for the story.

Byrds, Burittos, & Desert Roses
Chris Hillman is a legendary musician.  I just finish his book 'Time Between". 
Great read about a storied time.  This Links to his The Absolute Sound interview.

What is Liquid Paper?
Musician Michael Nesmith, of the 1960's Monkees, solo work is very impressive. 
But that's a story for another time.  This story is about his mother Bette Nesmith Graham.
It's a story that pops up every decade or so.  Select this Link to 'The Hustle'.

Good Guy Gets Good Press
This AudiophileReview.com story highlights the expert skill of Stirling Trayle. 
I met Stirling back in the 1990's in his stint with T+A audio. 
People like Stirling inspire the rest of us to reach higher.

Keith Yates has been a local Northern California legend since the 1980's.
This CEPro story presents his latest award winning installation. Check it out.

Listening & Hearing

When does an earphone morph into a hearing aid? 
Jon Kiachian of Knowles audio technology outlines potential profitable paths for AV pros.
Select this LINK toTwice -- "Listening And Hearing: The Convergence Is On."

Electrostatic Graphene Speaker
GraphAudio's CEO outlines how graphene will lead to a more efficient "low" cost electrostatic speaker.
It's scheduled for release in in 2022.  Select this link to Graphene-info.com

TV Screen Resolution Limit?
Your brain can interpret an image beyond 8K resolution. 
That's the claim of this story at EFTM.com
AI Upscaling
This story from techradar outlines the history of upscaling lower resolution video to display on HD, UHD, and 8K televisions. 
The recent addition of artificial intelligence is also explained.  Select this link to techradar.

This CEPro story discusses the importance of good grounding. 
Although the focus is on a higher-end installation, much of this discussion can also apply to more modest projects.
Select this link to CEPro.
Read and consider this story before you pre-wire your next install.  
Read this CEPro story.

What is QNED?
Is this say goodbye to QD-LED before it reaches the retail floor?   Maybe not -- but QNED will substitute QD-LED organic LEDs for inorganic LEDs.  The story doesn't refer to the new 'Nano-Rod' LEDs as inorganic.  Check out this story at IANDROID.EU

Goodbye OLED?
The better take is goodbye LCD.  In any case, Samsung's QD-LED will take us to the next generation of television technology.  
Check out this Tom's Guide story.

HDMI Guide
Audioholics the online AV magazine has published an HDMI 2.1 guide.
Check out this story at Audioholics.com.

HDMI 2.1 Link Training
Your HDMI cabling may trigger Link Training, which downgrades video resolution.
DPL Labs recommends you prepare customers for probable required upgrades.
Select this LINK for the story.

A new video compression standard is officially on its way. VCC reduces data requirements by around 50%.
VCC will provide faster video transmission.  But you will need to upgrade your video source devices.
Select these links for more information:  Fierce Video  and TVTechnology.

The Promise of HDMI 2.1
HDMI 2.1 components chain
Read this story from audioholics.com for the details. 

Another NextGenTV Launch
Pittsburgh joins Las Vegas.   The ATSC goal is 40 markets by the end of 2020. 
Keep NextGenTV on your radar.
Select this LINK to TVTechnology for more informatiopn

NextGenTV Lauches
ATSC 3.0 branded as NextGenTV goes live in Las Vegas. This IP based over the air broadcast television can be integrated with 5G and other internet networks.  Oh yeah, it delivers UHD TV broadcasts too. 
Read the story at FierceVideo.

HDCP 2.2 is Coming
The next generation of content copy protection is coming. 
And it's not backward compatible.
our new UHD 4K TV may not work with HDCP 2.2 UHD 4K video sources.  Read this story at c|net.

"Cocaine & Rhinestones"
If your music interest lie in Country, Americana, Folk, Rock; then you have to check out this podcast. 
Tyler Mahan Coe's "Cocaine & Rhinestones".  It's described as a history of country music.  But the podcast is more than history.  It's back stage almost abandoned true stories told by the son of country musician David Allan Coe.  These are stories that extend way beyond popular documentaries.  Here's the Link.
Goodbye LCD TV.  Hello Quantum Dot OLED.
Samsung is discontinuing LCD production and switching to Quantum Dot OLED.  This is not the LG
color filtered (stacked RGB LED) white light technology. QD-OLED uses a blue LED layer to illuminate red and green quantum dots; blue light passes as is.  Some refer to this as color by blue.  QD-OLED offers brighter and even more accurate color.  Select the following links, AnandTech & TechSpot, for the story.

UltraHD Dobly Atmos Home Theater Demos
Sean Killebrew of HomeTheaterReview offers a his list of his go to home theater demos.
Check it out.

Home Network Guide
Integrating streaming audio/video sources with the AV system via a computer network router
has become common. Wireless WiFi is the 'buzz'. Yet hard wire connection is often more reliable. 
This HomeTheaterReview story offers an introductory network qualifying guide.

Put A Hold On HDMI 2.1
Products are hitting the shelves labeled "Ultra Rev 2.1 8K 48Gbs". 
HDMI Rev 2.1 is not ready for prime time.
This CEPro story explains. 

5G vs NextGenTV?
This Audioholics story outlines how NextGenTV ATSC 3.0 may become an internet streaming alternative.

FCC Changes Off-Air Channels Frequencies
This story will affect many markets.  Some will view this as a negative situation. 
But this an opportunity to show why your customers need you.  Select this Link for this CEPro story. 

Thorens Reel to Reel
If your of my vintage, you're going to like this story.  And apparently reet-to-reel and cassette recordings are having a successful run.
Check it out at this link CEPro.

8K TV -- So What?
8K is here, no doubt about it.  And UHD (4K) has pushed HD to the back of the retail floor.
But the real story is the value offered by the array of TV's with HDR and its huge color space.  
This story by Jerry Del Colliano at hometheater review explains.

MicroLED TV Update
MicroLED TV -- (Real LED TV as opposed to fake LCD LED TV) -- should be the next leading TV technology. Each sub-pixel is an individual micro sized LED -- hard to manufacture.  It may initially show up on a retail floor as a hybrid quantum dot/LED TV; blue micro-LED stimulated quantum dot film. Some have referred to this 'as color by blue'.  So far this product is only available as Samsung's "146 inch Wall".  Samsung has shown a smaller prototype, but it is still a couple of years away from landing on retail floors.
Check out the updated c|net story here.

You know the difference -- right?  But how do you explain the difference to customers.  This CEPro story attempts to show you the way --- this Links to the story.  The bottom line is  the "Q" in QLED = quantum dots.  Quantum dot film is used to correct the blue leaning light of a LCD TV's LED back lighting.  It's a better LCD TV.  But OLED is still better.  For more details select this Link and scroll down the page to 'Quantum Dot Fix'.   

HD TV Antenna?
The big box and many on-line offerings can be amusing.  
There is no such thing as an HD TV antenna.  This story at TechHive is just a reminder.  If you're looking for an off-air "TV" antenna, then return to old stalwarts such as Winegard.com.

IMAX DTS Certification
The once ubiquitous THX symbol seems to have disappeared from home theater shelves.  Will the new IMAX DTS certification and licensing program become their successor?  Select this Link to FierceVideo for the story.

Rare Elements Found
Rare elements found in the mud off Japanese island.  This find may impact the supply, access, and the price of materials needed for electronic manufacturing.  Check out this story from the Consumer Technology Association

Cool Vinyl Story
Louisville record store adds another 280,000 LPs and 45s purchased from a Texas dealer.

What Every Blank Audio Cassette Needs
In a follow up to the news regarding audio cassettes making a come back;
here's a story about a NEW Tascam (Teac) cassette deck from ITNews.com.

Audio Cassettes Back in Business, What!?
I'm not sure what to make of this story. 
Apparently the old analog cassette tape is riding on the coattails of the vinyl renaissance. 
I do miss the old analog stuff.  It was fun.  
Check out this story at Installation/AVTechnologyEurope.com

What is AV1?
MPEG's H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) has another challenger and its free for video programmers to implement.
Check out this story at TVTechnology.com.   

Blue LED Light Creates Insomnia?
Tech's favorite color is making us miserable. Check out this story at FastCompany.com.

Samsung Moving Away From LCD Technology
This report outlines how Samsung is implementing a revised mix of quantum dots and OLED's.
A base of blue OLEDs energize red and green quantum dot pixels.  Blue pixels are produced by the 'base' blue OLEDs.  This technology improves on LG's current color filtered white OLED 'stacks'.  Select mysmartprice.com for the story. 

8K? 16K?  32K?
Here's a story to make your UltraHDTV (4K) day.  Insight Media's founder Chris Chinnock reported "not only was 8K right on track but that its adoption is essentially inevitable, and they are now thinking about 16K and even 32K."  
Select this link to Advanced Television.com for the story.

HDMI over a long distance can drive installers crazy. 
Here is some advice and facts about active HDMI cable runs from Jeff Boccaccio
Select this link at CEPro.com for the story.

Free UltraHD Programing
It's coming ..... Well, not yet .... But it's coming. 
Free over the air High Dynamic Range at 120 frames per second UtlraHD television is projected to arrive someday.
Check out the story at C/Net.com

HDR Format War Update
High Dynamic Range is the path to stunning UltraHD video performance.  HDR format choices currently include HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HGL, and Technicolor's SL-HDR1, 2, & 3.  However HDR formats must be paired with compatible sources and hardware to deliver on the HDR promise; this includes the TV, BluRay player, streaming service, and don't forget broadcasters.  This story from c/net.com outlines the battle for your TV screen.  

MQA - It's About Time
The human ear is more sensitive to phase (timing) than frequency.  This is the weakest link of the Sony/Phillips CD and other digital formats.  Bob Stuart's Meridian CD players have included phase band-aids since the 1990's. And now phase accuracy is a foundation of Mr. Stuart's MQA format which is implemented in the recording studio.  This is a big deal.  Select this Link. AudiophileRevicw.com for the story.

How many Shure M91EDs did you mount?
This question is aimed at the gray hairs in my audience. 
Shure will no longer manufacturer phono cartridges. Time moves on. 
Select this LINK to What HiFi for the story.

Is Your Audio System Set Up Wrong?
As in life, audio facts are often less than convenient. 
This is a to a story by Steven Stone at Audiophile Review.com about where to place up your gear. 
Hint, avoid resonant peaks.

On the Lookout for HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 48Gbps bandwidth has many AV Pros nervous --- and for good reasons. 
Jeff Boccaccio is a 'go to' source for accurate HDMI news.  Select this CEPro LINK.  
Mr. Boccaccio lays out key issues and a probable time line for the HDMI 2.1 roll out.  

New Speaker Technology?
Since the first decades of the 20th century
, there has not been a truly new speaker technology. Although this statement contradicts the claims by manufacturers and those who repeat their hype -- it's true.  However that may change. Check out this story at New Atlas.com
A new technology uses thermoacoustics via the use of graphene as opposed to a moving mechanical diaphragm.  Wait --- I forgot about plasmatronics.  Well at least this eliminates the helium tanks. 

ATSC 3.0 Audio
Video capability, naturally, has been the focus of the new ATSC 3.0 over the air broadcast standard. But how about the audio? 
This story at HomeTheaterReview.com outlines the prospect of its multi-channel audio future.  Will it be Dolby AC4 or MPEG-H? 
Select this LINK for the story.

DTS Virtual: X
DTS Virtual:X claims it can deliver surround sound, even the above-effects, with two speakers.
However the real news in this CEPro story is fewer than 30% of consumers with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X receivers have connected any height speakers.  Even more surprising fewer than 48% have connected any rear speakers. If true, should consumers re-allocate their dollars into purchasing higher power stereo receivers with two larger speakers.  Big speakers and more power is more fun than a bunch of small in-ceiling speakers.  

FREE - 25,000 78 RPM Records
This LINK to newsworks.com reports on an interesting source to a musical 'way-back-machine'.
Check out the musical gems that lie in this free site: George Blood/The Great 78 Project

Computer Audio for Beginners
Michael Lavorgna at AudioStream.com offers help for the computer audio novice with this series of articles:
Computer audio 101, Download sites, Files & formats, Files sizes & storage, Fixing your metadata, NAS.
Select this LINK.

Mono or Stereo This is a link to a RareRecords.net Blog by Charlie Essmeier. 
Charlie reviews and offers classic recordings released in mono and stereo.  This is a must read for the record collector.  

The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
Much as the author of this story (Brent Butterworth), it has been three decades since I first read Vance Dickanson's "The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook".  If you're looking for a reference that sums up speaker design choices; then pick up a copy or at least read Mr. Butterworth's outline of the 'Cookbook' at this link to hometheater review.com.

Musical Origami  
This is a must read by Robert Harley of TheAbsoluteSound about MQA " ..... a revolution that comes once in a lifetime".  This is a digital audio revolution.  He stated that, “By comparison ... conventional PCM is a crude and inefficient method of encoding audio.”  
Select this LINK Now!

Digital & Noise
This is a link to an AudioStream.com report by Michael Lavorgna.  It is not an easy read for the novice.  But it is important to anyone interested in better sound.  It deals with EMI and RF noise 'produced' or 'reproduced' by digital cables and digital devices.  Mr. Lavorgna stated, "The simple takeaway I'd like to highlight is the fact that digital cables are not immune to noise and this noise can directly impact the quality of an analog signal in an attached analog device."  Remove or reduce the noise and your system will sound better.

Human Hearing Beats Uncertainty Limit
This story at ars/technica.com demonstrates that human hearing exceeds what the most advanced technologies can measure.  This is yet more evidence that we do hear what we hear; though many still insist that we don't. 

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