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Ed's AV Handbook
Batting practice for the AV Professional
and primer for the novice

Chapter 9  Page 4

AV Sales Training
The sales dashboard


Assess and Adjust 

Convert each of the 7 spreadsheet column stat totals to points on a line chart, a chart for each stat.  Over several periods - monthly, quarterly, annually - the charts develop into a 'Stat' dashboard gauge that illustrates the stat's history and current condition.  The slope of each stat-chart is also a predictor of that stat chart's direction with a corresponding prescribed plan of action.
  1. Promotion -- its direction predicts leads.
  2. Leads -- its direction predicts presentations.
  3. Presentations -- its direction predicts closing opportunities.
  4. Batting Average -- its direction predicts closes.
  5. Closes -- its direction predicts sales
  6. Dollars per Close -- it directions predicts sales productivity.
  7. Sales -- its direction predicts your paycheck.
Confirm the direction of each chart's slope and then apply its appropriate prescription from the following:
  1. If a Chart's direction is at a steep SKYWARD inclination,
    Then keep doing what you do. 
    Do not change anything

    Skyward Chart

  2. If a Chart's direction is STILL UPWARD but less than skyward,
    Then look at the tactical areas of that chart.
    Keep doing what's working. 
    And do more of that.
    Do not make any drastic changes.

    Still Upward Chart

  3. If a Chart's direction is FLAT,
    Then look at the tactical areas that affect that Chart. 
    Do more of what works. 
    Eliminate what does not work.

    Flat Chart

  4. If a Chart's direction has a DOWNWARD SLOPE,
    Then reevaluate the tactical areas that affect the stat.
    It's time to refocus, reengage, or change your tactics.

    Downward Chart

  5. If a Charts' direction is as a DIVE-BOMBER,
    Then parachute out.  You need a new plan.

    Drive Bomb Chart

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