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Ed's AV Handbook
Batting practice for the AV Professional
and primer for the novice

Chapter 9  Page 5

AV Sales Training
Using the dashboard

Dashboard Example

The following is an example of using stat dashboard prescriptions. 
For this example assume the following chart results.

        Promotion = Flat
        Leads = Flat
        Closes = Flat
        $/Close = Skyward
        Batting Average = Still Upward
        Sales = Still Upward

Begin evaluation with the most significant chart - the Sales Chart.
Still Upward Sales Chart
but not skyward.
Engage the still upward prescription. 
Do not make any drastic changes. 
Do more of what works
Look at the positive tactical areas that affect sales. 
They are $/Close & Batting Average.
Therefore do more of $/Close and Batting Average.  
$/Close Chart
    Engage the skyward prescription. 
    Keep doing what you're doing
    and do not change anything with regards to $/Close.
    You have been closing more custom projects
    and exposing customers to your best product.
    Therefore continue as is.

    Still Upward Batting Average Chart
    Engage the upward prescription.
    Do more of what's working
    But do not make any drastic changes.
    Batting average is upward because
    you have been effectively using A Sale in 5 Steps.
    Therefore take more batting practice -- re-read the 5 Steps.

Flat Promotion, Leads, & Presentations Charts
Engage the Flat prescription for each chart.  Therefore
Do more of what works & eliminate what does not work.

    Flat Promotion Chart
    Follow up thank you letters and emails have increased.    
    Follow up phone calls are down because you have been web surfing.
    Time invested in contacting manufacturer's advertising leads
    have been unproductive.
    Therefore eliminate unnecessary web surfing
    and drop the unproductive manufacturer leads. 
    Reallocate this time to more follow up thank letters, emails, and phone calls.

    Flat Leads Chart
    Leads from customer follow-up phone calls
    and their referrals have been very productive. 
    But again, manufacturer leads have not.
    Therefore add more focus on customer follow-up phone calls
    and their referrals.   
    Eliminate manufacturer leads.

    Flat Presentations Chart
    Presentations to previous customers and their referrals are very productive.
    Presentations resulting from manufacture advertising leads have not.
    Therefore add more focus on previous customer and their referrals. 
    Eliminate emphasis on manufacturer 'wild-goose' lead presentations.

To Sum Up 
Add the revised plan to your To Do List

  1. Increase follow up thank you letters, emails, and phone calls.
  2. Reallocate time spent web surfing to customer follow up.
  3. Increase focus on previous customers and their referrals. 
  4. Continue to present your best product and pursue custom projects.
  5. Take additional batting practice -- A Sale in 5 Steps.
  6. Eliminate manufacturer leads.


Employ your adjustment plan. 
Continue your stat counts.
Prepare for the next cycle of assessment and adjustment.


You have created a strategic and tactical self-management plan. 
The stat dashboard puts you in control. 
You are proficient in the five steps of selling.
You have a good grasp of the first 8 Handbook chapters. 
You can now confidently state that you know your song well.

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