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Batting Practice for the AV Professional
and a Primer for the Novice

Music is a major motivator toward choosing consumer electronics as my vocation.  I have witnessed hundreds of rock-n-roll, folk, blues,
R&B performances in many legendary concert halls and clubs.
  Music is my toe-tapping reference for judging audio systems, not movie sound effects.  Although my children may not believe me, I do not know what a dinosaur actually sounds like. 

Cal State Fullerton 
These are the farewell words from my favorite professor.  He said, "As they hand you your diploma, you should have this single thought in your head.  And only this thought. You don't know S!!!T.  Your education is about to begin." 
From my desk decades later, I can confirm, 
Dr. Buskirk was right

Southern California - manager at a national electronics retail store.
This was a great place to develop basic sales and managerial skills. 
I have always considered this period as my real-world graduate school.

Next stop Duluth Minnesota.  
I took a sales position at an independent stereo shop in the frozen north. It worked out as an opportunity to learn from a wise businessman.
Did you ask why Minnesota?   It's a long story.  But I married her, 48 years and counting.  Plus 3 awesome sons, a beautiful daughter,
a wonderful daughter-in-law, and a very special grandson.

Back to the West Coast.  
I joined my brother at a regional chain of audio stores.  The audio industry was booming.
And we
established allies who would offer guidance into our next venture.  Thank you Steve M. & Mrs. W.

My brother, my wife, and I jumped into the deep end of the audio
We opened an independent stereo shop in Northern California.  Looking back we
were naive believers.  We had a fun successful run. 
Plus we established 
industry relationships that remain to this day.

I took a sales rep position.
I sold well known national brand home audio, car audio, and big dish satellite systems via independent dealers, department stores, regional chains, and national chains.  I also conducted sales trainings from an outline I had written that ultimately morphed into Ed's AV Handbook.
Best of all -- I had the pleasure
to work with an industry gentleman ...Thank you Alex.

I returned to the helm of an audio
& video shop.    
Our sales and service mix included home audio, home theater, car audio, and satellite systems. 
We also entered the arena of custom
installed AV systems

I joined a special group of AV enthusiasts
We sold, installed, and played with the best audio and video product on the
My associates taught me that high-end AV performance is about minimizing the compromises that lay in an audio and video system's path.  And everything makes a difference in a high-end audio and video system.  You can't buy this education.  It was a great ride.  Thank you Chris and Bill.  

Another tour of duty as a sales rep and a position at national distributor.
This opened my eyes to a group that I had essentially
ignored to this point - the custom AV channel.  Most of these dealers have
eliminated the traditional retail floor. They work in the crawl
spaces and attics of some of the most sophisticated installs in our business.

Ed's AV Handbook.com 
Have you ever thought,
"I wish I knew then, what I know now"?  That's what I offer.
My website is
a concise reference
based on more than four decades of experience
This website
discloses how audio/video stuff works, how to implement how it works, how to sell it, and how to manage the business. 

SandTrap Audio
Yet another venture. 

2019 Denver CEDIA Expo, we debut my SandTrap patented Architectural Speaker Tuning System.
Our booth was nearly overwhelmed by positive dealer response.
Plus we earned CEDIA's Tech Starter 5 award.

Captain Ed

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