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Ed's AV Handbook
Batting practice for the AV Professional
and primer for the novice

Chapter 9  Page 3

AV Sales Training
Assess the results

Prepare to assess your results and implement prescribed adjustments. 
This assessment includes more than sales totals.  It requires data that tracks where you have been, reveals where you are, and predicts where you are going.

Driving Blind

I offer the following experiment to justify the effort. 
We will confiscate your driver's license, disconnect your car fuel gauge and speedometer, plus cover up all mirrors. 
Then we will ask you to drive off for 30 days. 
Given these factors -- I predict the following changes in your behavior.
  1. You will develop a keen ability to spot black and white vehicles.
  2. You will become quite inventive at gauging your speed.
  3. You will make more frequent stops at neighborhood gas stations.
  4. Your stress level will rise.

Practical-empirical evidence supports my hypothesis. 
I also predict that your stress level will return to normal when;

  • Your license is returned
  • The mirrors are uncovered
  • Gauges reconnected

Regrettably, too many in sales suffer from a similar state of affairs. 
They lack the license or credibility to sell. 
They blindly navigate the sales floor. 
They do not know where they have been or where they are going. 
Eventually, as stress levels soar, they run out of gas, cash, and then crash. 
However, I possess a solution to avoid this outcome.
It involves assembling a To-Do List, Scorecard, Stat Sheet, & Sales Dashboard.

The Solution

To Do List
Prepare a daily To-Do List that includes:
a. People to call
b. Projects to address
Prioritize the list, begin with the first item and continue until completed.

Stat Scorecard
Add the following: L - Pr - C - $ - P .... at the bottom of the To-Do List.
L = Leads
Pr = Presentations -- on the floor, on the road, on the phone.
C = Close
$ = Amount of Sale
P = Promotion -- follow ups by phone letter, email.

Under each, keep a daily count [with a simple pencil mark] of each lead you find, each presentation you make, each close, each follow-up phone call, email, and mailed letter, plus each sale in dollars.

Stat Sheet
Create a spreadsheet with a column for each of the above 5 stats. 
Each row corresponds to a week. 
Then add 2 more columns for the following computations:

  1. Batting Average = # of Closes ÷ # of Presentations
  2. Dollars per Close = Total Sales ÷ # of Closes

Total each of the 7 daily stat columns monthly, quarterly, and annually.

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