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Ed's AV Handbook
Batting practice for the AV Professional
and primer for the novice

Chapter 6  Page 1

The Room, Speaker, & TV
digital is the buzz, but analog rules


Although digital dominates AV discussions,
three non-digital elements - the room, the speaker system, and the TV - dictate AV performance.

We cannot hear or see the zeros or ones of a digital audio or video component.  Digital video must convert the zeros and ones to analog light on a video display. 
Digital audio must convert zeros and ones to analog sound waves via a speaker.  Also, the room has a significant effect on both.  This Handbook chapter inspects each of these essential non-digital elements, the room, the speaker, and the TV.

At the outset, however, a tangential element, the room's aesthetics, should be considered.  If you are closely related to your interior designer (read spouse), this may avoid a cataclysmic outcome.  The following offers a shortlist of ideas to get your design team into an agreeable creative mood.

Movie Emphasis -- Consider the look of an opulent 1930s movie theater -- plush seats, curtains, sconces.  Add the ticket booth, theater lighting, a snack bar with a popcorn machine, and a soda fountain to complete the room.

Music Emphasis -- Imagine a room with the elegance of a grand symphony hall.  Picture the atmosphere of rock, blues, jazz, or folk club.  How about the aesthetic of a recording studio?

Sports Emphasis -- Create a ballpark/stadium luxury box.  Install a counter with stools behind comfortable seating facing a large home theater screen. 
Frame the screen as a window with a view of the field.  Display pendants, photos, and other sports paraphernalia.  Complete the ultimate sports box with additional broadcasts displayed on additional but smaller televisions.

Literary Emphasis -- Fashion the comfy, relaxed, and warm environment of a scholarly private library.  Book-filled shelves and plush furniture create ample acoustical diffusion and absorption.  The bookshelves also provide storage for BluRay discs, DVDs, compact discs, audiotapes, videotape, plus records.

A Family Room -- Although the ideal situation is a dedicated room that originates on an architect's drawing board, a typical family room will still work well. 
Place seating, the speaker system, and television in a comfortable social arrangement.  But where practical, adhere to the guidelines that follow.

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