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  Handbook Chapters
  Chap 1    AV Terminology
  Chap 2    AV Physics
  Chap 3    Sound
  Chap 4    Video
  Chap 5    AV System Sequence
  Chap 6    The Room, Speaker, & TV
  Chap 7    Acoustical Strategy
  Chap 8    Home Theater by Design
  Chap 9    Sales Training
  Chap 10  Business & Marketing

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Chapter 1
 AV Terminology

Properly presented stereo audio demonstrations still amaze customers and close sales.
However too many in our industry do not really know what stereo is.  And too many do not understand other basic AV terms.  Don't be one of them.  That's why this chapter matters.

    AV Terms  
    High Fidelity, Monophonic, Stereo,
Multi-channel surround,
NTSC, ATSC, High Definition & UltraHD.
Five Decade
    Multi-channel Mini History

Home Theater
    Surround Sound,
Dolby, Dolby ProLogic, Digital Dolby & DTS, Multi-channel & BluRay, Dolby Atmos & DTS:X

Chapter 2  AV Physics
This is far from even a high school physics course.  This is simply an outline of basic concepts that lay the foundation for the balance of the Handbook. So relax -- catch the wave.

   Surf' Up  
The wave, wavelength, frequency, amplitude, subjective intensity
   Acoustical Energy of Sound
   Frequency range 20Hz to 20KHz, wavelength, sound pressure level, decibel, loudness

   Electromagnetic energy 
   Magnetic fields & electric currents,
light & radio, wavelength, brightness, lumen, luminance
The Ear & the Eye

Chapter 3  Sound Reproduction
Chart the path of sound as it is captured by a microphone, filed in a medium and/or wirelessly
transmitted, and reproduced by a speaker.

   The Microphone & The Speaker
   Recording media, Analog LP record, Analog tape recorder

   Compact Disc
  16 bit 44.1 KHz digital storage.
   Files & formats, lossy, lossless, DRM

   Broadcast  Radio
   AM & FM, Accurate Audio Standards and Specifications. 

Chapter 4  Video Reproduction
Track light through the 
prismatic lens of a TV camera as it is converted to electric current
and ultimately re-illuminated on a TV screen.

   The View From Our Minds Eye
   RGB, The TV camera
   Analog Broadcast
   Digital Television
   Digital Broadcast, MPEG compression, 8VSB, QAM, Satellite distribution, The satellite dish, the LNBF
Home Video History
   Networks, CableTV, VCR, Dolby, Laser Disc, Home theater, DVD, BluRay,
HD BluRay, UltraHD, Internet streaming
   The TV 
   CRT, Rear Projection CRT, Plasma, LCD, Fluorescent & LED back lighting, Quantum dot fix, rear projection LCD,
   DLP, rear projection DLP, LYCOS, OLED, IOLED, the Diode, Electro luminescence, SMOLED/PMOLED,
   AMOLED, Super AMOLED / WOLED / Micro LED / Hybrid OLED/Quantum Dot.

   TV resolution  
   Vertical & Horizontal, NTSC, SDTV, EDTV, HDTV,
720p,1080i, 1080p UltraHD, DCI 4K,
   HDR (high dynamic range) UltraHD, UltraHD prerequisites HDMI, HDCP, & HEVC

   Buzz words 
   Movie aspect ratios - 1.37:1, wide screen1.85:1, & anamorphic 2.35:1/2.39:1
   TV aspect ratios - 4:3, 16:9 or 1.78:1 
   Anamorphic DVD, Anamorphic Blu-ray?, 3:2 pull down, Blur & judder, LCD 120Hz, 240Hz, & 480Hz,
   Back-light scanning, 
600Hz sub-field drive, 2500Hz focus-field drive,
   More Buzz 
Brightness & color, lumen, ANSI lumen, Foot-lambert, Nit, Contrast ratio, dynamic & static contrast,
   a contrasting story, ANSI contrast ratio, Gray scale, C.I.E. color, Color space, Color gamut, Color volume,
   Bit depth or color depth, x.v.color, Deep color, DCI P3, Gama

The HDR Page  The last buzzword page
   High Dynamic Range, the Nit, Frame rates, ETOF, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, Phillips Technicolor,
   Hybrid Log Gamma, HDMI versions 1.4 thru 2.1

Chapter 5  The AV System Sequence
This chapter looks at the
tangled nest of cables found behind a typical cabinet of AV components.
It also confronts the controversial subject of high end AV cable and interconnects.

  The AV system sequence
  Source, preamp/processor, amplifier, speaker &/or TV
  Alternate Routes
  Record (tape monitor) Loop, tape loop processing options,multi-room/multi-source,
video routes, transcoding.
  Cable & interconnects  
  (confronting a controversial subject)
Noise, resonance, resistance, inductance, capacitance, reactance, and link to a relevant blog.
  Plugs & jacks
  Analog/digital, single ended, XLR, Toslink, composite, component, S-video, RGB, BNC, DVI, HDMI, USB

Chapter 6  The Room, the Speaker System, & the TV
This is an introduction to a
dedicated discipline that can deliver mesmerizing, toe-tapping, wow-inducing, goose-bump, life enhancing experiences.

  Digital dominates but analog rules
  Digital is the buzz word.  But three non-digital elements define AV performance.  
  Don't forget room aesthetics
  The room
  Room dimensions, recommended ratios, room modes & their harmonics,
  House of mirrors
  First reflections, note for the smaller room, uninvited noise, remaining issues, shut the door.
  The speaker system
  Speaker facts, speaker & listener placement, calculating front left/right locations, the sweet spot.
  Speaker & listener placement continued 
  The center speaker, the rear speakers, note for smaller room, the sub woofer
  The TV
  Define the TV, room lighting, ambient room lighting & color, seating distance, loose ends

Chapter 7  An Acoustical Strategy for the Small Room
A room with a dimension of 56.5 ft or less ... this includes ceiling height ...
is an acoustical small room.  Yes, it's your room.  This chapter outlines how to minimize the compromises of small room acoustics with a mix of well known principles and practical solutions.  

   The acoustical small room
   Acoustical distortion, the small room, room modes, specular reflections
   The four acoustical regions of a small room
   Region #1 long wavelengths, tactics for region #1,
   Region #2 dominated by room modes, peaks and nulls, avoid swells.
   The four regions continued
   Tactics for 2nd region - recommended ratios, room mode analysis, speaker & listener placement
   Region of short wavelengths
   Region #3, tactics for region #3
   Region #4 - the region of short wavelengths, tactics for region #4 - locate 1st points, absorb, experiment
   Noisy loose end, concluding summary.

Chapter 8  Home Theater Sound by Design
There are three fundamental home theater sound designs: High Fidelity, THX, & Custom.  
The High fidelity design sets the goal.  Custom and THX offer compromising alternatives for uncompromising aesthetic circumstances.

   High Fidelity

Chapter 9   AV Sales Training
Take command of your professional life.  

   The goal  
   Survey the landscape, 4 Ps of marketing, Personal 4P tactical plan
   A sale in 5 steps
   Meet & greet, qualify, recommend, close, follow up, and implement your plan.

   Assess & adjust  
  To do list, stat score card
, stat sheet,
   Sales stat dashboard
   Stats to charts to conditional prescriptions.
   Using the prescriptions


Chapter 10   Business & Marketing
You're an AV expert with the skills and tools to prove it.  But taking this step requires another bag of tools. This chapter outlines the essentials of managing a business.

  Business Game Plan  
  Compass heading, appraise the business landscape, forecasting sales.

  The Marketing Plan
  The Four P's - place, product, price, promote.  
  9 steps to place or how to choose a brick & mortar location.

  A price strategy for AV dealers.
  Implement Plan - strategy & tactics
  Assess & adjust, The macro glance - profit & loss statement, the balance sheet

  The Micro Exam
  To Do List, stat counts, convert stats to charts, assess conditions, apply prescriptions
  Using the prescriptions.

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