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Multi-Channel Audio Mini History
          This page temporarily departs from the discussion of AV terms.  It is included to add historical perspective to the next page - home theater surround sound formats.

- Disney’s Fantasia was the first to movie employ multi-channel audio.
An eight-channel soundtrack was optically read from eight separate film reels and synced with the motion picture.  

- Cinerama Theaters in select major cities featured 7 channels of audio partnered with several projectors creating a panoramic 146 degree wide screen image.

1953 - 20th Century Fox unveiled The Robe in Cinemascope; an anamorphic
2.35:1 aspect ratio wide screen film with
surround sound audio.

1970 - Music only quadraphonic four channel audio added an additional pair of rear speakers to the home stereo arrangement.

1975 - The movie Tommy introduced Dolby Surround, a more commercially viable multi-channel audio system in neighborhood theaters.  It was followed by the Dolby debuts of Stars Wars  &  Close Encounters of a Third Kind.

- The HiFi VCR escorted Dolby Surround home.  It evolved into Dolby Pro Logic which closed the balance of the decade and the exclusive Dolby era.
1992 - Digital surround was launched.  Dolby Digital and shortly 
thereafter DTS
were established in neighborhood movie theaters.

- DVD is released with Dolby Digital and DTS digital formats

- A revised Laser Disc adds DTS and Dolby Digital.

- The introduction of the HD Blu-Ray disc introduced lossless Dolby Digital HD
and DTS HD Master Audio.  

2014/15 - Dolby Atmos and DTS-X are released.  Each offer a more immersive surround sound experience using additional 'above' channels and speakers. 

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Batting Practice for the AV Pro and a Primer for the Novice.
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