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Sand-tuned  in-ceiling/in-wall speaker baffle
Crush sheet-rock distortion.  A speaker mounted in sheet-rock is primed to distort mid-bass audio,
which in turn generates harsh mid-range.  The source of this foul sound lies in unwanted sheet-rock
resonance.  A sheet-rock wall is to in-wall/ceiling speakers as a guitar is to guitar strings.
Simply put -- imagine an acoustic guitar made of sheet-rock.  

Sand-tuned.  Our patent pending cost-effective sand-filled HDPE baffle re-tunes corrupting unwanted
resonance to a point that revives your speaker's fidelity -- tighter bass, warmer mid-range,
and increased decibel level; a 3db increase is as a doubling of amplifier power.

Easy to install.  The SandTrap retro-fit baffle -- sand filled by the installer and installed through
the existing speaker cut out -- adjusts to accommodate many premium speaker brands.  

It just makes $ense.  Low retail pricing ($99.95/pair) and improved performance closes sales.
Low dealer pricing (40% margin w/case purchase) makes it impracticable to produce baffles yourself.
Plus the SandTrap offers another differentiate-from-the-competition tool to promote your custom reputation.